This meeting provides a forum for auditory  mechanics in the periphery.   The international Mechanics of Hearing Workshops provide  a purposefully interactive setting to present and discuss the most recent experimental findings and theories of peripheral auditory function.  We will eat, drink, and sleep all things auditory mechanics!  With the aim of promoting the advancement and integration of experimental and theoretical studies of the mechanics of hearing, the Workshops bring together leading researchers working at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels using biological, mathematical, and engineering techniques. The Workshops also provide graduate and post-doctoral trainees an invaluable opportunity to discuss their work, develop new ideas, and absorb the practice and sociology of science.

A special technical emphasis of this Workshop will be applications of machine learning and data science in auditory mechanics.  In addition, a special keynote lecture by disability scholars will be held. In keeping with history of this Workshop, fellowships supporting diverse graduate and post-doctoral trainees will be provided (and we seek industry support to help fund these grants).

The MoH 2024 Draft Program is complete (with all talks scheduled) at the following linkPresentations begin at 8:30 AM on Sunday, June 9th until the Workshop closes on the afternoon of Friday, June 14th.   Below are a few highlighted presentations and workshops.

Special Keynote Lecture and Panel Discussion: In the afternoon or early evening of June 12 (Weds.) by Prof. Mara Mills (New York University) and Prof. Michele Friedner (University of Chicago), titled “Deaf Hearing”.  Following the lecture, the presenters will be joined by University of Michigan surgeon Dr. Emily Stucken (Department of Otolaryngology), and physician  Dr. Mike McKee  (Department of Family Medicine), for a panel discussion.  We will hold this event at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater, and it will be open to the University of Michigan community as well as workshop attendees.  

Keynote Lectures:  

Dr. Jessica Monaghan, Senior Research Scientist, Australian National Hearing Laboratories "Closing the loop: machine learning approaches to hyper-personalising hearing devices".

Prof. Sarah Verhulst, University of Ghent,  "A convolutional neural-network model of human cochlear mechanics for real-time applications".

Prof. Josh McDermott, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Linking the auditory periphery to behavior using machine learning".

Dr. Artur Indzhykulian, Harvard University, "Machine learning used for automated image processing in the cochlea".

Pre-MoH Webinar: Prof. Jakob Macke, University of Tübingen, "Simulation based inference for finding data-compatible mechanistic models"; Date: Tuesday May 7th at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time.  Register to attend at this site.  Note if you cannot attend at that time, the video will also be posted until the end of the summer.

“Mechanics of Hearing 101” tutorial and Q&A session: This after-dinner session, designed for and moderated by graduate students, postdocs, and others new to the field, in an informal question-and-answer period.  Scheduled for Sunday evening.

Machine Learning Workshop: Scheduled for Monday evening and led by Dr. Hamid Motallebzadeh and Christopher Buswinka.

Link for Full Schedule.