Abstract submissions

Instruction for abstracts:  Abstracts are limited to 450 words (not counting title or author list).  Please use the templates on this page for formatting guidance. 

Links for Abstract Submission:

The organizers would strongly prefer that you submit your abstract using the first link, which allows for direct linking of a pdf version of your abstract to our database for ease of review.  However, this requires authentification with google account (which is not recorded by us; you will enter an email address on the form; this address, which does not have to be a gmail address, will be used for all communications).

Link to submit PDF version of abstract (please use if possible).

Link to submit text version of abstract. You must email the MoH Organizing Committee a pdf of the abstract.

Manuscript submissions

Instructions for preliminary manuscripts  

Post-workshop publications

The MoH2024 workshop will publish the presented papers in two ways:

Quick Facts on Zenodo Open-Access MoH Collection Repository: